Marius Kolkmeyer

Town: Osnabrück (GERMANY)

Born: 17/7/1988

Shoe size: 9 US

Sponsor: Titus Osnabrück, Toy Machine, C1RCA

Favourite model: ELSTON

On board since: More than the half of my lifetime

Passions: Drinkin´ beers after a good skate session at a warm summer night in a lovely mediterranean country



Wanja Bach

Town: Barcelona (SPAIN)

Born: 23/9/1995

Shoe size: 7.5 US

Sponsor: C1RCA, Lites trucks, Titus Karlsruhe, Grotesque, Universal Wheels, Happy Bearings, Homeboy 

Favourite model: GRAVETTE

On Board: 2005

Passions: Skate, Travel, Nature, Food, Love


 Valeria Bertaccini 

Valeria Bertaccini

Town: Torino (ITALY)

Born: 26/6/1993

Stance: Goofy

Shoe size: 7 US

Sponsor: C1RCA, Option Distribution, Promosport Surfshop, La Fabbricona Boards, Muckefuck wheels

Favourite model: ELSTON

On Board: 2017

Passions: Design



Michele Melis

Michelangelo Melis

Town: Cagliari (ITALY)

Born: 13/6/1997

Stance : Regular

Shoe size: 9 US

Sponsor: C1RCA, Option Distribution

Favourite model: ELSTON

On Board: 2016

Passions: Music, Personal Development, Stretching