C1RCA x Scalapay


Scalapay is a payment method that allows you to place an order online, paying in three convenient installments without interest and in total safety.


Choose Scalapay as your payment method at checkout.

After confirming the order details, you will be asked to log into the Scalapay account to complete the payment. If you don't have one, you can create it from the Scalapay login page before completing the order.
When the purchase process is completed, you will be immediately charged the first installment, and you will receive your order immediately.
The second installment will be debited after one month, the third after two months.
In the event of a return, the payment plan will be canceled and you will be refunded the amount relating to the installments already paid.


Scalapay is completely free for those who buy, as long as the installments are paid within the established deadline. You will only be charged an overdue fee if one or more of the scheduled installments are not paid off correctly by the due date. We suggest you contact Scalapay customer service for further information regarding commissions. Scalapay will inform you a few days before the expiry of each installment by SMS and by e-mail.

For more informations visit Scalapay website.