Name: Adrian Lopez
Born: May 18, 1980
Sponsors: C1RCA, Zero Skateboards, Loser Machine, Dark Seas, Pabst Blue Ribbon
Instagram: @adrianlopez
Current Resident: Carlsbad, California
Passions: Motorcycles & Old Cars
Pastimes: Loser Machine, Dark Seas Division
In 1999 Adrian was recruited to the C1RCA team making him the 2nd rider to join Chad Muska and the brands debut, shortly after Jamie Thomas would join, creating one of the most dynamic trios in skateboarding at the time.
Adrian has been a staple member of the C1RCA team and to this day is the brands leading ambassador.
When Adrian was given the opportunity to design his first signature shoe the AL202 back in 2001, it really was an honor for him due to the other riders he would join in the pro shoe ranks.
I couldn’t believe I was getting a shoe after Chad Muska and Jamie Thomas, It was a big deal back then”.
In 2004 Adrian would debut his 2nd signature shoe the AL50 which has become the longest running model for the brand and is an icon in the world of skate shoes.  To this day the AL50 is a staple within the C1RCA footwear collection and continues to see increased demand.
Over the years Adrian has some incredible memories with the brand, from video projects and world tours.
Video Radio – Transworld video (2001)
“The C1RCA / Transworld Skateboarding Video Radio tour was a great experience traveling through 9 countries for 3 weeks with Chad Muska, Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Mark Appleyard, Tom Penny, and the rest of the team”, it was wild times”.
It’s Time – C1RCA video (2006)
“Hitting the road for the It’s Time video tour was an amazing time, especially after all the hard work that went in to getting this video completed. Had some wild times with Jon Allie, Peter Ramondette, Sierra Fellers, Windsor James and the rest of the team traveling to promote the video and just get back out in front of all of the fans”.